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iR2024T: Superior Data Protection with One-Touch RAID 1 Backup


RAIDON iR2024T is a cutting-edge internal storage solution designed for optimal data safety. When utilizing SSDs in RAID 1 mode, the iR2024T's unique one-touch RAID 1 backup feature addresses the inherent limitations of SSD read/write cycles. By seamlessly mirroring data from one SSD to another on demand, it offers an unparalleled safeguard against the risks associated with frequent SSD read/write operations. With the iR2024T, concerns about potential data loss due to simultaneous SSD failures and subsequent RAID failures are a thing of the past. Trust in the iR2024T for a secure and reliable storage experience.


Key Features


1. Internal Storage Solution: 
Crafted for seamless integration within systems, the iR2024T is designed to conveniently replace an optical drive.


2. RAID 1 Mode Compatibility: 
Specifically tailored for SSDs operating under RAID 1 mode.


3. One-Touch RAID 1 Backup: 
A unique feature that allows users to mirror data from one SSD to another with a single touch.


4. Data Mirroring: 
Ensures that data is duplicated across SSDs, providing an added layer of data protection.


5. Swift Data Recovery: 
In the unfortunate event of data loss or corruption, the RAID 1 configuration ensures immediate and seamless data recovery. This minimizes potential downtime and operational disruptions.


6. SATA 6G Support: 
Immerse yourself in unparalleled data transfer speeds. With its robust SATA 6G support, data-intensive tasks are executed with finesse.


7. Compact and Efficient Design: 
Space is premium. Designed to snugly fit into a 5.25-inch CD-ROM bay, the iR2024T ensures you never have to compromise on space.


8. Informative LCD screen:
The iR2024T features a real-time RAID configuration LCD display,    keeping users informed about the statuses of their SSDs.


RAIDON STATUSGIARD GUI is a vigilant sentinel for your drives. The marriage of an intuitive GUI with the precision of S.M.A.R.T monitoring ensures optimal health and performance of your drives.


10.  Silent and Efficient Cooling: 
The silent fan in iR2024T ensures your drives remain cool,  optimizing longevity and performance without the noise.


11.  KeyLock Tray Design: 
With a built-in keylock tray, the iR2024T provides an additional layer of data security.


12.  Durable Construction: 
In the ever-evolving digital landscape, durability is key. Crafted with rugged metal, the iR2024T is not just built for the present but designed to withstand the tests of time.


13.  Proactive Safety Alerts: 
Advanced alarms act as vigilant guards, alerting you to overheat scenarios or RAID malfunctions, prompting timely interventions.


14.  Trusted Brand Excellence: 
RAIDON stands as a beacon of reliability and innovation in storage solutions. With the iR2024T, users are not merely purchasing a product; they're securing peace of mind that comes with the brand's esteemed reputation.



The benefits of using the RAIDON iR2024T include:


1. Optimal Data Safety: 
The RAID 1 configuration ensures that data is mirrored across SSDs, significantly reducing the risk of data loss.


2. Swift Data Recovery: 
In case of data loss or corruption, the system ensures immediate and seamless data restoration, minimizing potential operational disruptions.


3. Ease of Integration: 
Designed for seamless integration within systems, it conveniently replaces an optical drive bay, making it a versatile choice for various setups.


4. High-Speed Data Access: 
With features like SATA 6G support, users can experience unparalleled data transfer speeds, making it ideal for data-intensive tasks.


5. Reliability: 
RAIDON's reputation for producing dependable storage solutions means users can trust in the product's longevity and performance.


6. Proactive Monitoring: 
Advanced alarms and monitoring systems alert users to potential issues like overheating or RAID malfunctions, ensuring timely interventions.


7. Space Efficiency: 
Its compact design ensures optimal space utilization, especially in setups where space is at a premium.


8. Enhanced SSD Lifespan:
By addressing the limitations of SSD read/write cycles, the iR2024T can potentially extend the lifespan of SSDs.


9. Peace of Mind: 
The combination of RAIDON's brand reputation, advanced safety features, and RAID 1 configuration means users can be confident in the security and integrity of their data.


10. User-Friendly Interface: 
Features like the LCD display provide real-time updates on RAID configurations and SSD statuses, making it easier for users to manage and monitor their storage.


In essence, the RAIDON iR2024T offers a blend of performance, safety, and user-friendly features, making it a valuable asset for anyone prioritizing data security and reliability.


Applications for Industrial PC

IPC (Industrial PC) industries revolve around rugged and reliable computer hardware designed for specific tasks in challenging environments. Given the robust nature of the iR2024T and its features, it can be instrumental in various IPC applications. Let's integrate this into the list:


1. Industrial Automation & Control: In manufacturing units and factories, the iR2024T can store data related to machinery operations, quality control, and production metrics. Its rugged design ensures that it performs seamlessly in harsh industrial conditions.



2. SCADA Systems: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems, which are crucial for industries like energy and utilities, can benefit from the secure and reliable storage capabilities of the iR2024T.

3. Robotics and CNC Machines: These machines generate vast amounts of operational data. The iR2024T can store this data, ensuring smooth operations and aiding in predictive maintenance.



4. AI in Quality Inspection: In industries where quality assurance is paramount, AI-powered inspection systems can use the iR2024T to store images and data of products, analyzing them for defects or inconsistencies.

5. Energy Management: For sectors like renewable energy, where data from solar panels or wind turbines is constantly generated, the iR2024T can serve as a reliable storage solution.



6. Transportation & Fleet Management: In industries involving logistics and transportation, the iR2024T can store data related to vehicle operations, maintenance, and route optimizations.



7. Agriculture & Precision Farming: Modern farming involves data-driven decisions. The iR2024T can store data from soil sensors, weather stations, and satellite imagery, aiding in crop management and yield predictions.



8. Environmental Monitoring: Industries involved in monitoring environmental parameters like air quality, water quality, etc., can use the iR2024T to store vast amounts of data for analysis and reporting.



9. Medical & Healthcare IPC: In medical facilities, the iR2024 can store patient data, medical imaging, and equipment operation logs, ensuring they are protected and easily retrievable.



10. Defense & Military Applications: Given the rugged design of the iR2024T, it can be used in defense applications, storing data from surveillance systems, communication logs, and equipment operations.



11. Maritime & Offshore Drilling: In environments like ships or oil rigs, where conditions can be harsh, the iR2024T offers a reliable storage solution for operational data, communication logs, and safety metrics.


Incorporating the iR2024T into IPC industries offers a synergy of robustness, reliability, and data protection, ensuring that industries function optimally even in the most challenging environments.


RAID 1 Mode Compatibility


The iR2024T shines in its specialized design for SSDs in RAID 1 mode. Beyond mere compatibility, it harnesses the full potential of RAID 1, ensuring real-time data mirroring for enhanced redundancy and protection. In essence, the iR2024T offers a seamless blend of performance and security for SSDs in RAID 1 configurations.



One-Touch RAID 1 Backup


The iR2024T elevates user convenience with its distinctive One-Touch RAID 1 Backup feature. This innovation streamlines the data mirroring process, enabling users to initiate a backup with just a simple touch. No longer is there a need for complex configurations or multiple steps; the iR2024T simplifies the backup process, making data protection more accessible than ever. This feature is especially invaluable in time-sensitive situations, ensuring that critical data is mirrored promptly and efficiently. With the iR2024T, users not only get a high-performance storage solution but also an intuitive interface that prioritizes ease of use and rapid response.



Swift Data Recovery


The iR2024T is a bulwark against data uncertainties. Engineered with a focus on rapid response, its RAID 1 configuration guarantees swift and smooth data restoration in the face of loss or corruption. Beyond mere recovery, it's about ensuring business continuity and minimizing disruptions, allowing users to maintain momentum and productivity even when faced with data challenges. With the iR2024T, data resilience is not just a feature; it's a promise.


Internal Storage Solution

The iR2024T is designed for effortless integration, it seamlessly fits within existing system architectures. 

More than just a storage device, the iR2024T is a modern replacement for traditional optical drives, optimizing space and enhancing system aesthetics. Whether upgrading an older system or setting up a new workstation, the iR2024T is the go-to choice for those prioritizing both form and function.




The iR2024T boasts the RAIDON STATUSGIARD GUI, a sophisticated interface that synergizes with S.M.A.R.T monitoring for unparalleled drive oversight. This combination not only offers users an intuitive dashboard but also precise analytics on drive health. With this dual approach, the iR2024T ensures your drives operate at peak performance while preempting potential issues.

KeyLock Tray Design


The iR2024T integrates a unique keylock tray mechanism, enhancing physical security measures. This design not only safeguards the drives from unauthorized access but also underscores RAIDON's commitment to comprehensive data protection.

Informative LCD Screen


The iR2024T integrates an intuitive LCD display, offering users instant insights into their RAID configuration and SSD health. This real-time feedback ensures users stay abreast of their storage status, facilitating proactive management and timely interventions. With the iR2024T, staying informed is effortless and immediate.


Proactive Safety Alerts

The iR2024T is equipped with sophisticated alarm systems, serving as an early warning mechanism against potential threats. Whether it's overheating or RAID anomalies, these alerts ensure users can act swiftly, minimizing risks and ensuring optimal drive health.


Durable Design with Silent Fan Cooling


The iR2024T is a masterclass in design and functionality. Equipped with a silent fan, it ensures drives operate at optimal temperatures, promoting sustained performance and longevity, all while maintaining a quiet environment. Complementing this is its robust metal construction, a nod to enduring quality in a fast-evolving digital age. Beyond meeting immediate storage needs, the iR2024T promises resilience and reliability, standing as a testament to both current excellence and future readiness.


Trusted Brand Excellence


RAIDON stands as a beacon of reliability and innovation in storage solutions. With the iR2024T, users are not merely purchasing a product; they're securing peace of mind that comes with the brand's esteemed reputation.


Product View


Model No iR2024T
Interfaces SATA III 6Gbps Connector (7Pin)
Compatible Drives 2 x 2.5” SATA III HDD/SSD
Storage Level One-Touch RAID 1 Backup
System Monitoring Fan Failure / Overheat
Operating System Windows, Linux
Function Control 
GUI (Windows Only)
Cooling System 4 cm Low noise fan
Electrical and
* Line voltage: 12V + 5V DC
* Operating temperature: 32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C)
* Storage temperature: -4° to 116° F (-20° to 47° C)
* Relative humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing
Dimension 148(W)x 43(H) x 140(L) mm
Carton 10 pcs per carton
Package Accessories *iR2024T
*SATA Cable
*Accessory Kit-for Tray
*Accessory Kit-for Case
*Quick installation guide


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