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iR2770: Offers RAID Storage in a 3.5 inch HDD Form Factor




1. Versatile Storage Options with Compatibility for SSDs and Hard Drives.

2. Support SATA 6G with Configurations for RAID 0 and RAID 1.


3. STATUSGuide GUI and Drive S.M.A.R.T Monitoring (Windows Only).


4. LED Indicators for Monitoring Drive Status.


5. Hot-Swappable and Plug-and-Play for Convenient Drive Replacement.


6. Compact Size: Perfect Fit for 3.5-Inch Hard Drive or Floppy Bay.


7. Efficient Heat Dissipation with Fan-less Cooling Hole Designs.


8. Easy extraction drive tray design.


9. Advanced Overheat Alarm Buzzer.




1. Flexible storage options: The iR2770 supports both SSD and hard drives. 


2. RAID 0 and RAID 1 configurations. This gives you the flexibility to choose the storage solution that best meets your needs.


3. S.M.A.R.T monitoring: The iR2770 supports S.M.A.R.T monitoring, which allows you to track the health of your drives. This can help you to prevent data loss and extend the lifespan of your drives.


4. LED indicators: The iR2770 has LED indicators that show the status of your drives. This makes it easy to track the health of your drives at a glance.


5. Hot-swappable and plug-and-play: The iR2770 is hot-swappable and plug-and-play, which means that you can easily replace drives without having to power down your system.


6. Compact size: The iR2770 is a compact device that fits perfectly into a 3.5-inch hard drive or floppy bay. This makes it easy to install and use.


7. Fan-less cooling: The iR2770 features fan-less cooling hole designs for efficient heat dissipation. This helps to keep your drives cool and operating at peak performance.


8. Versatility: The iR2770 can be installed in servers, IPCs, or workstations. This makes it a versatile solution for a variety of environments.




The iR2770 storage solution has a range of possible industrial applications, including:

1. Servers: The iR2770 can be used in server systems, providing reliable and flexible storage options for data centers, hosting services, and enterprise-level applications.

2. Industrial PCs (IPCs): The iR2770 is suitable for integration into IPCs used in industrial automation, manufacturing, and control systems, offering efficient and durable storage capabilities.

3. Workstations: The iR2770 can be utilized in high-performance workstations used for demanding tasks such as video editing, graphic design, and 3D modeling, providing fast and reliable storage solutions.

4. Network Attached Storage (NAS): The iR2770 can be incorporated into NAS devices, enabling efficient and scalable network storage for small businesses or home office setups.

5. Surveillance Systems: The iR2770 can be employed in surveillance systems, providing reliable storage for storing and retrieving surveillance footage in security applications.

6. Data Centers: The iR2770 can be utilized in data center environments, offering flexible storage options for cloud computing, virtualization, and large-scale storage infrastructure.

7. Broadcasting and Media: The iR2770 can be used in broadcasting and media applications, where high-performance storage is crucial for managing and accessing large media files.

8. Medical Imaging: The iR2770 can be employed in medical imaging systems, offering reliable and fast storage for storing and accessing medical images and patient data.

9. Gaming: The iR2770 can be integrated into gaming systems, providing fast and responsive storage for gaming installations, reducing loading times, and enhancing overall gaming experience.


The versatility, performance, and features of the iR2770 make it a suitable storage solution for various industrial applications that require reliable, high-performance storage capabilities.




The iR2770 is a versatile storage solution that supports both SSDs and hard drives. It offers flexible RAID 0 and RAID 1 configurations for enhanced data protection and performance. With LED indicators, users can easily monitor drive status. The hot-swappable design and easy extraction tray make drive replacement effortless. Its compact size allows it to fit perfectly into a 3.5-inch bay, while the fan-less cooling design ensures efficient heat dissipation. Suitable for servers, IPCs, and workstations, it includes an overheat alarm buzzer for added protection. The iR2770 combines flexibility, performance, and user-friendly features, making it an ideal storage solution for various applications.


Flexible storage options


The iR2770 offers flexible storage options, supporting both SSDs and hard drives. This flexibility allows users to choose the storage medium that best fits their needs, whether it's the speed and durability of an SSD or the cost-effective capacity of a traditional hard drive. With the iR2770, you have the freedom to customize your storage solution to meet your specific requirements and preferences. 



RAID 0 and RAID 1 support


The iR2770 provides support for RAID 0 and RAID 1 configurations. RAID 0 (striping) enhances performance by distributing data across multiple drives, resulting in faster read and write speeds. This is ideal for tasks that require high data throughput, such as video editing or gaming. RAID 1 (mirroring) offers data redundancy by duplicating data across drives, ensuring that if one drive fails, the data remains accessible from the mirrored drive. This provides an extra layer of data protection, safeguarding against potential data loss. With the iR2770, you have the flexibility to configure your storage in a way that optimizes performance or enhances data redundancy, depending on your specific needs.

Software monitoring program to easily view hard disk status


The iR2770 offers a user-friendly STATUSGuide GUI and Drive S.M.A.R.T Monitoring for Windows users. The STATUSGuide GUI lets users easily access information about their drive status and health. The S.M.A.R.T (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) monitoring feature helps users to proactively check their drives for health and performance issues. This can prevent data loss or system instability caused by potential failures or problems. The iR2771 enables Windows users to effectively monitor and manage their drives, ensuring high performance and reliability.

LED indicator


The iR2770 has LED indicators that show drive status visually. You can monitor drive activity, data transfer, and potential issues easily with these LED indicators. The iR2770 helps you to keep track of your drive status and quickly detect any problems, ensuring smooth operation and timely maintenance.


Compact size


The iR2770 is a small but mighty storage device. It can fit in a 3.5-inch hard drive or floppy slot, saving space and maximizing efficiency. The iR2770 delivers high performance and functionality in a compact design, ideal for systems with tight space constraints. 

Hot-swappable and plug-and-play


The iR2770 offers easy drive replacement and installation. Users can swap drives without powering off the system, thanks to its hot-swappability. They can also plug in new drives and use them right away, without any hassle. The iR2770 simplifies drive maintenance and upgrade with its hot-swappable and plug-and-play features.


Easy extraction Drive Tray Design


The iR2770 features an easy extraction drive tray design, providing convenient drive replacement. With this design, users can effortlessly remove and insert drives into the tray without the need for additional tools or complex procedures. The tray is designed to make the drive extraction process quick and hassle-free, saving time and effort. The easy extraction drive tray design of the iR2770 ensures smooth maintenance and allows for efficient upgrading or replacement of drives as needed.


Fan-Less cooling


A fan-less cooling design is one of the features of the iR2770. This design has several benefits for the system and the environment. It eliminates noise from fans, making the system silent and reducing noise pollution. It also prevents fan failure, which can compromise cooling performance. Furthermore, it lowers power consumption and maintenance costs. The iR2770's fan-less cooling design ensures effective heat removal for high performance, reliability, and a peaceful operating experience.


Advanced overheats alarm buzzer


The iR2770 has a sophisticated alarm buzzer for overheats that improves system safety. It alerts users with a sound when the system gets too hot, so they can take action to avoid damage and maintain system stability. The alarm buzzer for overheats is an extra safety feature of the iR2770, which ensures the durability and dependability of the storage solution.


Performance test result for reference. The test result will vary depend on the test environment.

iR2770 Product View

iR2770 Specification

Model No iR2770
ASIC WM6182A Chip
Device Interface SATA III 6.0 Gb/s
RAID Level RAID 0,1
Support Hard Drive 2×2.5” SATA III 6.0Gb/s HDD/SSD
Auto Rebuilding YES
LED Indicators YES
Power Supply SATA 22pin Interface
Operating System Windows,Linux
Certifications CE / FCC
Function Control 
GUI (Windows Only)
Packing Content Quick Installation Guide、Accessory Kit
Dimension 102W×147L× 26H mm
Net Weight 0.4kg
Operating temperature 32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C)
Storage temperature -4° to 116° F (-20° to 47° C)
Relative humidity 5% to 95% noncondensing


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GUI Software for Windows

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iR2770 HD Compatible List

Product Name BrandHD TypeHD CategoryModel NumberCapacity Note
iR2770Toshiba2.5" HDD MQ01ABD1001TB
iR2770ADATA2.5" SSD ASX900S3-64GM64GB
iR2770ADATA2.5" SSDUltimate SU800256GB
iR2770Kingston2.5" SSD SHSS37A240GB
iR2770SanDisk2.5" SSD SDSSDA-240G240GB
iR2770Innodisk2.5" SSD 3MG2-P128GB
iR2770WD2.5" SSD WDS200T2B0A2TB
iR2770Seagate2.5" SSD XA480LE10063480GB
iR2770Seagate2.5" SSD ZA960NM10001960GB
iR2770Samsung2.5" SSD MZ-76E250BW250GB
iR2770Samsung2.5" SSD MZ-76E500BW 500GB
iR2770Samsung2.5" SSD MZ-76E1T0BW 1TB
iR2770Samsung2.5" SSD MZ-76E2T0BW2TB
iR2770Samsung2.5" SSD MZ-76E4T0BW4TB
iR2770Advantech2.5" SSD830 SeriesSQF-S25M8-64G-SAE64GB
iR2770WD2.5" SSDRedSA500500GB
iR2770WD2.5" SSD WDS500G1R0A500GB
iR2770WD2.5" SSD WDS100T1R0A1TB
iR2770WD2.5" SSD WDS200T1R0A2TB
iR2770WD2.5" SSD WDS400T1R0A4TB
iR2770Seagate2.5" SSDIronWolf 125ZA4000NM10002 4TB
iR2770Seagate2.5" SSDIronWolf Pro 125ZA3840NX100013.84TB
iR2770EmBestor2.5" SSD EC3S2T-512GCJDYM44512GB
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