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Versatile JBOD Storage Solution: GT5640-B31 - Accommodates 4-Bay 2.5"/3.5" SATA III HDD/SSD Drives

Experience the power of versatile storage with the GT5640-B31. Designed to meet your expanding data needs, this cutting-edge device offers a range of features that enhance convenience, performance, and reliability. Whether you're a tech enthusiast, creative professional, or simply someone who values efficient storage solutions, the GT5640-B31 is here to exceed your expectations.



1. JBOD Configuration: Seamlessly set up a Just a Bunch of Drives (JBOD) storage system.


2. User-Centric Design: Features LED indicators combined with intuitive touch buttons.


3. Independent Drive Access: JBOD storage configuration with individual access to all four drives.


4. Universal Compatibility: Compatible with USB 3.2 Type-C and Thunderbolt™ 3/4 interfaces, for both MAC and PC systems.


5. Rapid Data Transfers: Included is a USB 3.2 Type-C to Type-C cable for data transfer rates up to 10Gbps.


6. Personalized Control: Four distinct power switches allows independent management for each drive.


7. Simplified Drive Management: With the hot-swappable feature to enable straightforward changes between a 2.5" or 3.5" SATA HDD/SSD.


8. Intelligent LED Indicator System: The dedicated LED indicators on each drive ensure real-time updates on drive status and performance.


9. Robust Power Supply: With a built-in high-density power supply providing 150 Watt, the GT5640-B31 ensures consistent and stable performance.


10. Enhanced Tray Lock: Safeguard your precious data with our enhanced tray lock feature, designed to provide an additional layer of data security.


11. Efficient Cooling: The GT5640-B31 is designed with low-noise fan to ensure optimal heat dissipation.


12. Built to Last: GT5640-B31 is constructed from lightweight aluminum to ensure product longevity.



The GT5640-B31 offers a range of benefits tailored for both personal and professional use:

1. Enhanced Storage Solutions: With its JBOD configuration, users gain direct access to multiple drives, effectively optimizing storage capacity and organization.


2. High-Speed Data Transfers: Leveraging USB 3.2 Type-C and Thunderbolt™ 3/4 interfaces, it promises rapid file transfers, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.


3. User-friendly Design: The intuitive LED indicators and buttons simplify device interaction, catering to both tech novices and seasoned users.


4. Cross-platform Compatibility: It seamlessly connects with both MAC and PC systems, eliminating the need for multiple devices or converters.


5. Flexible Drive Management: The hot-swappable feature offers easy interchangeability of drives without system reboots, enhancing convenience.


6. Effective Cooling: Its low-noise fan design ensures consistent performance by maintaining optimal temperatures, even under heavy use.


7. Durability: Constructed from robust aluminum, the device promises longevity, ensuring a reliable storage companion for years.


8. Customized Control: Independent power switches for each drive enable personalized storage management based on user needs.


9. Portability: Its design, possibly with an attached handle or compact form, facilitates easy transportation, making it ideal for on-the-go professionals.


In essence, the GT5640-B31 is not just a storage device but a comprehensive solution that marries functionality, speed, and design to cater to the multifaceted needs of modern users.


JBOD Configuration


The GT5640-B31 effortlessly integrates the Just a Bunch Of Drives (JBOD) system, enabling users to individually access its four separate hard drives. This design not only optimizes your storage capacity but also ensures swift data retrieval and transfers, providing an ideal balance between ample space and high-speed performance.


User-Centric Design


At the heart of the GT5640-B31 lies a design philosophy centered around its users. Its sleek, modern enclosure is adorned with clear LED indicators and paired with responsive buttons. This fusion of form and functionality ensures that whether you're just starting out or are a seasoned tech professional, interacting with the device is always a smooth and intuitive experience.


Personalized Control

The GT5640-B31 puts the reins in your hands with its four distinct power switches. Each switch corresponds to a drive, allowing for independent operation and management. This design offers an unparalleled level of flexibility, ensuring that you can tailor your storage experience to your specific needs, whether you want to run all drives simultaneously or focus on just one.


Intelligent LED Indicator System


The GT5640-B31 is equipped with sophisticated LED indicators for each drive bay, providing users with immediate visual feedback on drive health and activity. These indicators are meticulously designed to deliver real-time updates; ensuring users can swiftly diagnose and respond to any variations in drive status. From drive activity pulses to distinct color-coded alerts for potential issues, the system aids in proactive maintenance and optimal performance monitoring, streamlining operations and reducing potential downtime.








Universal Compatibility


Engineered for versatility, the GT5640-B31 stands out with its cutting-edge USB 3.2 Type-C and Thunderbolt™ 3/4 interfaces. No matter your platform preference – be it MAC or PC – this device integrates flawlessly, ensuring that you're always connected and ready to harness its full potential, irrespective of the system you use.


Rapid Data Transfers

With the inclusion of a top-tier USB 3.2 Type-C to Type-C cable, the GT5640-B31 sets a new benchmark in data transfer speeds, reaching an astonishing 10Gbps. Gone are the days of prolonged waits; now, even your largest files glide from one location to another in a flash, elevating efficiency to unprecedented heights.

Independent Drive Access


The power of the GT5640-B31's JBOD configuration shines by granting users direct, individualized access to each of its four drives. No more juggling or waiting due to shared resource constraints. Whether you're transferring data, backing up, or accessing files, each drive operates autonomously, ensuring efficient, unhindered performance every time.


Simplified Drive Management


Streamlining your storage experience, the GT5640-B31 boasts a hot-swappable functionality. Whether you're working with a 2.5" or 3.5" SATA HDD/SSD, you can effortlessly switch drives without shutting down or rebooting. This feature ensures smooth, uninterrupted operations, making drive changes as simple as plug-and-play.


Enhanced Tray Lock


In the realm of data storage, the security of physical components is just as crucial as digital safeguards. Recognizing this, the GT5640-B31 introduces an enhanced tray lock mechanism. This feature not only prevents unauthorized removal or tampering of drives but also reinforces the integrity of the device's connection. By employing this advanced lock system, users can be assured of a physical barrier that complements digital security measures. The result is a holistic protection strategy, ensuring that your data remains safe from both external intrusions and internal disruptions.


Robust Power Supply


At the core of GT5640-B31's reliable operation lies its integrated high-density power unit, capable of delivering a substantial 150 Watt. This robust power infrastructure not only guarantees the device's uninterrupted functioning but also underpins its ability to handle intensive workloads and peak demands. By harnessing this powerful energy source, the GT5640-B31 establishes a foundation of consistency, ensuring that users experience smooth, steady, and dependable performance at all times.


Efficient Cooling


The GT5640-B31 is designed with more than just storage in mind. Its innovative low-noise fan system guarantees that even under the strain of heavy tasks, heat is effectively dispersed. This not only extends the lifespan of your drives but also ensures consistent, top-notch performance without the disturbance of fan noise, even during the most demanding operations.





Built to Last


The GT5640-B31 is carved from a solid block of lightweight aluminum, its design strikes a perfect balance: rugged enough to withstand daily wear and tear, yet light enough for effortless handling. This robust construction ensures that the device not only serves your immediate needs but remains a reliable storage companion for years to come.




1. Videography and Filmmaking: Videographers can benefit from rapid data transfer rates, making it easier to handle and edit large video files, including 4K or even 8K footage.


2. Graphic Design and Multimedia Work: Designers and multimedia artists dealing with large project files can use this device for efficient storage and swift access.


3. Gaming: Gamers can store expansive game libraries and benefit from fast load times, courtesy of the device's rapid data transfer capabilities.


4. Data Backup and Archiving: Given its ample storage and independent drive access, it's ideal for individuals or businesses that need regular backups of crucial data.


5. Research and Data Analysis: Researchers handling large datasets can benefit from the device's storage capabilities and speedy data retrieval.


6. Software Development: Developers juggling between different project versions or needing quick backups of their code repositories can efficiently utilize the GT5640-B31.


7. Media Consumption: For individuals with extensive media libraries, including movies, music, and TV shows, the device offers an organized and vast storage solution.


8. Server and Network Expansion: In small office setups, it can serve as an addition to existing servers or networks, providing extra storage capacity.


9. Digital Forensics: Professionals in this field can utilize the device to store and analyze large amounts of digital evidence.


10. Content Creation Workshops: In workshops or training sessions, trainers can use the device to share resources, tools, or software with attendees swiftly.


11. Digital Art and Animation: Artists working in 3D modeling, animation, or other digital art forms can store massive project files and resources.


Given the GT5640-B31's combination of storage capacity, speed, and versatility, it's a fit for almost any scenario where substantial, rapid, and efficient data storage and retrieval are paramount.


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Model No GT5640-B31
Interfaces USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C ( up to 10Gbps ) 
Compatible with all USB 3.2 Gen 1,2/USB 2.0 specifications
Compatible Drive
4 x 3.5”/2.5" SATA III HDD/SSD
Storage Mode JBOD
Operating System 
Windows 7 or above, OS X 10.10 or above, Linux OS
Cooling System 8 cm Low noise fan
Electrical and 
* Line voltage: 100-240V AC
* Frequency: 50Hz to 60Hz, single phase
* Maximum continuous power: 150W
* Operating temperature: 32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C)
* Storage temperature: -4° to 116° F (-20° to 47° C)
* Relative humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing
Size and Weight 124 mm (W) x 166 mm (H) x 210mm (D)  
Product Code GT5640-B31
Package Accessories * GT5640-B31 x 1
(with removable 4 x 3.5"-2.5" HDD/SSD Tray)

* USB 3.2 Gen 2 (Type-C to Type-C) Cable x 1
* Power Cord x1
* Accessory Kit 
* Quick Installation Guide x1


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GT5640-B31 HD Compatible List

Product Name BrandHD TypeHD CategoryModel NumberCapacity Note
GT5640-B31Seagate3.5" HDDIronWolf ProST20000NE00020TB
GT5640-B31Seagate3.5" HDDExos X20ST20000NM007D20TB
GT5640-B31WD3.5" HDDUltrastar DC HC560WUH722020ALE6L420TB
GT5640-B31Seagate3.5" HDDSkyHawk AIST20000VE00220TB
GT5640-B31Toshiba 3.5" HDD MG09ACA18TE18TB
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