HPD08-2: High-Performance Host Bus Adapter Featuring Dual M.2 NVMe SSD Support with 80Gbps Bandwidth


At the forefront of technological evolution, the HPD08-2 Host Bus Adapter is a masterpiece of innovation. Boasting lightning-fast data transfer speeds of up to 80Gbps, this adapter harnesses the power of the cutting-edge PCIe Gen-3 switch. It's not just about speed; it's about versatility. With features like HBA support and compatibility with Dual M.2 NVMe SSDs, it bridges the gap between the present and future, supporting both PCI Express 3.0 and 4.0 interfaces. What's more, its hassle-free, driver-free setup makes it a breeze to integrate into any system. Designed to seamlessly blend with multiple operating systems, this adapter is more than just a component – it's an indispensable ally for any tech aficionado looking to elevate their computing experience.

Key Features


1. Supercharged PCIe Gen-3 Switch: The HPD08-2 isn't just equipped with any switch; it features a PCIe Gen-3 switch that delivers an impressive 80Gbps bandwidth. This power is smartly split across two M.2 NVMe SSDs, each getting 40Gbps, ensuring smooth, consistent performance even under heavy data loads.


2. Dual-Channel Mastery: With its innovative dual-channel functionality, the HPD08-2 takes PCIe bus performance to new heights. Each M.2 NVMe SSD operates at a swift 40Gbps, allowing for simultaneous data transfers that boost overall throughput significantly.


3. Universal Compatibility: The HPD08-2 is designed to be a team player in any tech environment. Its wide-ranging OS compatibility makes it a versatile, go-to choice for various computing setups, ensuring easy integration with your current system.


4. High-Octane Storage Solutions: For those aiming to either construct or enhance their storage, the HPD08-2 is the ideal starting block. Supporting Dual M.2 NVMe SSDs, it effortlessly manages large data volumes, perfect for demanding tasks like video editing, data analysis, and gaming.


5. Effortless, Driver-Free Setup: The HPD08-2 stands out with its hassle-free installation. This user-friendly, driver-free design means you can get your adapter up and running swiftly, sidestepping complex software setups for a true plug-and-play experience.


6. Advanced Cooling Technology: Stay cool under pressure with the HPD08-2's efficient cooling system. Its quiet 4cm fan and heat sink design on the switch IC work tirelessly to dissipate heat, crucial for maintaining top-notch performance.


7. A Tech Enthusiast's Dream: Whether you're deep into your tech career or a hobbyist keen on expanding your system's horizons, the HPD08-2 is your ideal pick. Its fusion of rapid data transfer, broad compatibility, and simple installation makes it a prized addition for any tech lover's toolkit.


The HPD08-2 is a true multitasker, adept at handling everything from the most demanding data-heavy applications to your day-to-day computing needs. It's the perfect match whether you're a professional in search of top-tier storage performance or a casual user seeking a dependable device. In every scenario, the HPD08-2 stands out as a stellar choice.


Application Benefits


Leveraging the HPD08-2 Host Bus Adapter yields substantial benefits for applications requiring swift data transfers and extensive storage capacity. Here is an analysis of its advantages across diverse applications, along with the potential limitations in its absence:


Enhanced Application Performance with HPD08-2


1. Video Editing and Production:

With HPD08-2: Facilitates seamless, real-time editing of high-definition videos, courtesy of its advanced data transfer speed. Supports extensive storage for voluminous video files through dual M.2 NVMe SSD compatibility.

Without HPD08-2: Potential delays or interruptions may occur, especially when editing videos of 4K resolution or higher. Limited storage could also impede the editing process.


2. Gaming and Virtual Reality:

With HPD08-2: Enhances gaming experiences with reduced loading times and smooth virtual reality performance, attributed to its rapid data processing.

● Without HPD08-2: Could result in extended loading periods and possible performance issues in graphics-heavy games or VR settings.


3. Data Analysis and Machine Learning:

With HPD08-2: Accelerates the handling of extensive datasets, essential for efficient big data analytics and machine learning.

Without HPD08-2: Slower data processing may lead to protracted project durations.


4. Database Management:

With HPD08-2: Boosts database accessibility, particularly advantageous for sizable databases and environments with high concurrency demands.

Without HPD08-2:May experience reduced speed in data retrieval and updates, affecting dependent application performance.


5. Content Creation and Graphic Design:

With HPD08-2: Offers improved efficiency in opening and saving large graphic files, enhancing the creative workflow.

Without HPD08-2: Could face slower processing when dealing with detailed images or intricate designs.


6. 3D Modeling and Rendering:

With HPD08-2: Expedited rendering processes and better management of extensive 3D models.

Without HPD08-2: Increased rendering times and potential challenges in efficiently handling large 3D files.


Key Considerations:


1. System Durability: The advanced cooling mechanism in the HPD08-2 contributes to sustained optimal performance, thereby prolonging the device and SSD lifespan.


2. Ease of Use: The adapter's driver-free setup offers straightforward installation, accessible to users of varying expertise.


3. Versatile Compatibility:Designed to be compatible with a range of systems and configurations.


In conclusion, the HPD08-2 Host Bus Adapter is a pivotal enhancement for applications dependent on high storage and data transfer needs. Its absence could impose constraints on speed, efficiency, and capacity, potentially impacting productivity and the overall experience in these specific applications.


High-Speed PCIe Gen3 Switch


The HPD08-2 Host Bus Adapter incorporates a PCIe Gen-3 (ASM2824) switch that facilitates support for two M.2 NVMe SSDs, with each SSD capable of handling up to 40Gbps bandwidth, thereby ensuring proficient data management and connectivity.



Dual-channel Functionality


The dual-channel functionality of the adapter extends its capabilities by providing two separate 40Gbps channels. This design not only doubles the data handling capacity but also segregates data streams to minimize interference and maximize efficiency. With this feature, the adapter can support distinct data operations concurrently, which is critical for applications requiring high data segregation, like virtualization, where multiple virtual machines can operate without competing for bandwidth. It's an ideal solution for complex tasks that require dedicated bandwidth, ensuring that each channel can deliver and receive data at high speeds without compromise.



High durability and reliability


The HPD08-2 is engineered with high-quality components to ensure a long lifespan and reliable performance. Its robust construction guarantees it can withstand the demands of daily usage.


Interface: PCI Express 3.0 and PCI Express 4.0


The HPD08-2 is compatible with both PCI Express 3.0 and PCI Express 4.0 interfaces, which are instrumental in setting the communication speed among the components. Both interfaces ensure quick data transfer, however, PCI Express 4.0 delivers a speed that's twice as fast as PCI Express 3.0.

Versatile Storage Solutions


The HPD08-2 accommodates two M.2 NVMe SSDs (size: 2280, height below 10mm including heat sink), offers rapid data access and durability, ideal for high-speed tasks. This compatibility grants users the flexibility to optimize their storage based on speed, capacity, or budget.

Driver Free Installation


Setting up the HPD08-2 is effortless and there's no need for additional drivers post-installation.



Multi-OS Support: Mac, Windows, and Linux


HPD08-2 supports Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems. This ensures a seamless experience, regardless of your operating system preference. 



Compatibility with Next Gen Protocol


With its advanced features and support for high-speed interfaces like PCI Express 4.0, the HPD08-2 is a future-proof device that's designed to meet your needs, both today and in the coming years.


Versatile Use


The HPD08-2 can be used for a wide variety of tasks, from data-intensive applications to everyday computing tasks. Whether you're professional requiring high-performance storage or a casual user looking for a reliable device, the HPD08-2 is an excellent choice.

Possible applications for HPD08-2


The HPD08-2 Host Bus Adapter (HBA) is versatile and can be used across various applications, including those in the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Here are possible AI-related applications for the HPD08-2:


1. Machine Learning Workstations: For data scientists and AI researchers, the high-speed data transfer capabilities can significantly reduce the time required for data preprocessing and model training.


2. AI Data Centers: In data centers focused on AI workloads, the HBA can facilitate faster data access and improve the efficiency of neural network training and inference tasks.


3. Autonomous Vehicle Development: The adapter can be used to quickly process and transfer the vast amounts of data collected by autonomous vehicle sensors, essential for real-time decision-making and machine learning.


4. Medical Imaging Analysis:AI applications in healthcare, such as analyzing medical scans, require high-speed data processing, which the HPD08-2 can support by accelerating the transfer of large imaging files.


5. Natural Language Processing (NLP): For applications involving large datasets of human language, the adapter can help in managing and processing data for chatbots, translation services, and sentiment analysis.


6. Video Surveillance Analysis: The HBA can support AI systems in analyzing video surveillance footage in real-time for security and monitoring services.


7. AI-Enhanced Content Creation: From rendering 3D graphics to compiling code, the adapter can be instrumental in creative and development tasks that utilize AI algorithms for content enhancement.


8. Financial Modeling and Analysis: In fintech, AI applications can benefit from the high transfer rates for real-time trading algorithms and complex financial simulations.


9. Edge Computing: For AI processing at the edge of the network, where latency is critical, the adapter can ensure that data is quickly relayed to and from centralized data processing locations.


The high bandwidth and efficient data transfer capabilities of the HPD08-2 make it a strong candidate for supporting the intensive workloads associated with AI applications.


Performance test result for reference. The test result will vary depend on the test environment.



Model No HPD08-2
Interfaces PCIe 3.0/4.0 x8  
Compatible Drive 2 x M.2 NVMe SSD 
(size: 2280, height below 10mm including heat sink)
Certification CE/FCC
Storage Mode JBOD - Independent Mode
Dimension 102.8 mm (H) x 163 mm (L) 
Operating System 
Windows 7 or above, macOS 10.10 or above, Linux
Package Accessories * HPD08-2 x 1



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