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 iR2023:  Efficient RAID Storage (1 CD-ROM Bay, 3 x 2.5" SATA Disks, RAID + JBOD)




1. Compact Size: fits perfectly into a 5.25-inch CD-ROM bay,

2. Flexible Storage Options with SSD and hard drive Compatibility. 


3. Comprehensive Support for SATA 6G with RAID 0 and RAID 1 Configuration.  


4. Independent SATA JBOD SSD Bay & RAID Storage Capabilities.


5. RAID Configuration Displayed via LCD Status Screen.


6. STATUSGuide GUI and drive S.M.A.R.T monitoring (for Windows only). 


7. Hot-swappable and plug-and-play for easy replacement of drives.


8. Metal drive tray with Key clock feature to secure drives. 


9. Optimal heat management with MCU controlled silent fan.


10. Advanced Overheat alarm buzzer. 


11. Drives monitoring with LED light indicator.


12. Easy access RAID mode switch on front panel.





1. Flexible Storage: Compatible with both SSDs and hard drives, you can choose your preferred storage medium.

2. Advanced Configuration: Independent SATA port for JBOD SSD drive bay along with RAID storage options offer both flexibility and data security.


3. High-Speed Transfer: Supports SATA 6G for fast data transfers, improving system performance.


4. Easy Accessibility: Hot-swappable and plug-and-play capabilities allow for effortless drive replacement and operation.


5. Informative Display: LCD status screen displays RAID configurations and storage status for effective data management.


6. Data Protection: The key lock feature secures your drives from unauthorized access.


7. Reliable Operation: Optimal heat management with silent fan and overheat alarm ensures sustained performance.


8. Compact Design: Fits into a standard 5.25-inch CD-ROM bay, saving space without compromising performance.




The iR2023 is a revolutionary RAID storage solution that's as compact as a CD-ROM, offering considerable storage capacity. It ensures data protection with its RAID support, uses intelligent software for simplified data management, and provides scalability for future growth. In addition, it is energy efficient and allows high-speed data transfer, all within the size of a standard CD-ROM.


Compact Size: fits CD-ROM bay


The iR2023 is uniquely designed with a focus on compactness, without sacrificing functionality. Its small footprint enables it to fit perfectly into a standard 5.25-inch CD-ROM bay. This efficient design ensures that it integrates seamlessly into your existing setup, reducing clutter and saving valuable workspace. Even with its compact size, the iR2023 does not compromise on power or performance, proving that great things can indeed come in small packages. This compact size provides an ideal solution for those seeking to optimize their space utilization while enhancing their data storage and management capabilities.


SSD or hard drive Compatibility


The iR2023 offers an impressive degree of flexibility with its ability to accommodate both SSD and hard drive storage. This dual compatibility ensures that you have the freedom to choose the storage medium that best suits your specific needs. If you require high-speed access and swift data transfer, SSDs are the optimal choice. If storage capacity and cost-effectiveness are your primary concerns, then traditional hard drives may be more suitable. This flexibility enables you to tailor your storage configuration to your individual requirements, whether you're a high-demand business user or a casual home user. With the iR2023, you can effortlessly switch between or combine different storage types, allowing you to optimize your system's storage capabilities and performance.


Support SATA 6G with RAID 0 and RAID 1


The iR2023 offers comprehensive support for SATA 6G, integrating seamlessly with the latest generation of high-speed data interfaces. This robust support ensures you can leverage the speed and efficiency of SATA 6G, significantly enhancing your system's overall data transfer rates and performance. Furthermore, the iR2023 supports RAID 0 and RAID 1 configurations. With RAID 0, also known as striping, you can enjoy increased data throughput by spreading data across multiple drives. Conversely, RAID 1, known as mirroring, duplicates your data across two drives, providing an immediate backup and ensuring data integrity and reliability. The comprehensive support for both these RAID configurations, combined with SATA 6G compatibility, make the iR2023 a highly adaptable and powerful storage solution that caters to a broad spectrum of user needs.


Independent SATA JBOD SSD Bay & RAID Storage Capabilities


The iR2023 stands out with its extensive storage configuration, offering an independent SATA port for the JBOD (Just a Bunch Of Disks) SSD drive bay, alongside the convenience of RAID storage. This advanced feature provides an unparalleled level of flexibility in managing your storage needs. With the independent SATA port, each SSD drive in the JBOD setup can be individually accessed and controlled, allowing users to fully utilize each drive's capacity and manage large amounts of data with ease. Coupled with this, the RAID storage configuration enhances data redundancy and performance, offering both protection against data loss and improved data retrieval speed. This dual approach to storage, combining the versatility of JBOD with the robustness of RAID, ensures the iR2023 can adapt to a wide range of storage requirements, providing users with a comprehensive and efficient data management solution.

RAID Configuration Displayed via LCD Status Screen


The iR2023 comes equipped with a state-of-the-art LCD status screen that dynamically displays your RAID configuration settings. This user-friendly feature allows you to have an at-a-glance view of your storage arrangement, providing real-time updates on your RAID settings and data management status. The clear and concise display ensures that you can quickly understand and manage your system's performance and storage parameters, effectively reducing the complexity of data management. The LCD screen also makes it easy to adjust your RAID configurations, allowing for a seamless transition between different storage preferences. With the iR2023's LCD status screen, staying informed and in control of your storage system has never been more straightforward.


LED Light indicators


The iR2023 features a separate LED display for each SSD or hard disk, presenting data access status or the condition of the SSD or hard disk concisely. This allows users to stay informed about the overall status of the iR2023 at any time.


Easy access RAID mode switch


The iR2023 is a storage solution that combines versatility, performance, and reliability in a sleek design. You can easily change RAID modes with a simple switch on the front panel, making storage management hassle-free. This device will transform how you handle your data.

STATUSGuide GUI and drive S.M.A.R.T monitoring


The iR2023 Internal RAID Device offers windows base RAIDON STATUSGuide Graphic User Interface (GUI). This user-friendly platform simplifies RAID monitoring, and management, making it an accessible and efficient tool even for those not experienced with RAID configurations.

Additionally, the iR2023 supports Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.) for drives. This technology enables the real-time tracking of key indicators of drive reliability. With S.M.A.R.T., potential drive failures can be anticipated and prevented, providing an added layer of data security and peace of mind.

Hot-swappable and plug-and-play for easy replacement of drives


The iR2023 is ingeniously designed with hot-swappable and plug-and-play functionality, ensuring seamless and effortless drive replacement. The hot-swappable feature allows you to replace or upgrade your drives without having to power down your system, thus minimizing downtime and improving efficiency. This is a crucial feature for business environments where uninterrupted operations are critical. The plug-and-play capability further enhances the user experience by enabling immediate recognition and operation of the new drive, eliminating the need for complex setup procedures or software installation. These features combined make the iR2023 a highly user-friendly storage solution, offering convenience and simplicity in drive management while maintaining high performance and reliability.


Metal Drive Tray with Key lock


Metal Drive Tray with KeyLock protection is a secure solution for safeguarding your valuable data. This sturdy metal tray is designed to hold your hard drives or SSDs securely. With its KeyLock feature, you can lock the tray with a key to prevent unauthorized access. Upgrade your storage system with this essential accessory for enhanced data security.

Optimal heat management with MCU controlled silent fan


The iR2023 incorporates a Microcontroller Unit (MCU) controlled heat dissipation system. The MCU intelligently operates a 4-cm silent fan to maintain optimal temperature for your drives, extending their lifespan and ensuring consistent performance.

Overheat alarm buzzer


The iR2023 Compact RAID Enclosure is built with an intelligent overheat alarm buzzer to ensure the safety and longevity of your drives. This advanced feature continuously monitors the temperature of your storage devices. In the event of a significant rise in temperature that surpasses the safe operating limit, the alarm buzzer will sound, alerting users to potential overheating issues. This immediate auditory alert allows for swift corrective action, which could involve ramping up the cooling system or shutting down to prevent any potential damage. The inclusion of this overheat alarm buzzer is a testament to iR2023's commitment to proactive protection of your valuable data and hardware.

The iR2023 can be an excellent fit for Industrial PC (IPC) automation Applications


In the realm of industrial automation, where systems must run reliably around the clock, the iR2023's robust features offer numerous benefits:


1.Reliable Data Storage and Access: With support for RAID configurations and JBOD setup, the iR2023 provides a secure and efficient solution for storing and accessing data. This ensures smooth operation of automated processes and systems, minimizing the risk of interruptions due to data loss.


2.Real-Time Data Management: Industrial automation often involves real-time monitoring and control systems that require quick access to data. The iR2023's high-speed data transfer capabilities can effectively support these demands, enabling efficient operation of real-time systems.


3.Versatile Integration: The compact size of the iR2023 allows it to fit seamlessly into various industrial setups, even in environments with space constraints. Its compatibility with both SSDs and hard drives offers flexibility in choosing the appropriate storage medium based on specific needs.


4.Extended Operation: The hot-swappable feature of the iR2023 allows for easy replacement of drives without shutting down the system, a critical attribute for industrial automation applications that need to operate continuously.


5.Resilient to harsh conditions: With features like optimal heat management and an overheat alarm buzzer, the iR2023 is designed to perform reliably even in demanding industrial environments.

In essence, the iR2023 offers a combination of density, versatility, and high performance, making it an ideal storage solution for IPC automation applications.

Performance test result for reference. The test result will vary depend on the test environment.

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Model No iR2023
Interfaces 2 x SATA III (6Gbps) Ports 
(1 for 2.5" RAID module,1 for JBOD 2.5" HDD/SSD )
Compatible Drives 3 x 2.5" SATA III (6Gbps) HDD/SSD (9.5mm)
Storage Level RAID 1 , 0 + Independent volume( 2.5" HDD/SSD )
System Monitoring Fan Failure / Overheat
Operating System Windows, Linux
Function Control 
GUI (Windows Only)
Cooling System 4 cm Low noise fan
Electrical and
* Line voltage: 12V + 5V DC
* Operating temperature: 32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C)
* Storage temperature: -4° to 116° F (-20° to 47° C)
* Relative humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing
Dimension & Weight 148(W)x 43(H) x 140(L) mm
Product Code iR2023

Carton 10 pcs per carton
Package Accessories *iR2023
*SATA Cable
*Accessory Kit-for Tray
*Accessory Kit-for Case
*Quick installation guide


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iR2023 Download

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iR2023 HD Compatible List

Product Name BrandHD TypeHD CategoryModel NumberCapacity Note
iR2023Hitachi2.5" HDD HTS721010A9E6301TB
iR2023Hitachi2.5" HDD HTS545050B9A300500GB
iR2023Seagate2.5" HDD ST9160314AS160GB
iR2023Toshiba2.5" HDD MQ01ABF050500GB
iR2023Toshiba2.5" HDD MQ01ACF050500GB
iR2023Toshiba2.5" HDD MQ01ABD1001TB
iR2023WD2.5" HDD WD800BEVS-00LAT080GB
iR2023ADATA2.5" SSD ASX900S3-64GM64GB
iR2023ADATA2.5" SSDUltimate SU800256GB
iR2023Intel2.5" SSD SSDSA2M040G2GC40GB
iR2023Intel2.5" SSD SSD530120GB
iR2023Kingston2.5" SSD 300V120GB
iR2023Kingston2.5" SSD SHSS37A240GB
iR2023Samsung2.5" SSD 850 Pro128GB
iR2023SanDisk2.5" SSD SDSSDA-240G240GB
iR2023Innodisk2.5" SSD 3MG2-P128GB
iR2023WD2.5" SSD WDS200T2B0A2TB
iR2023Seagate2.5" SSD XA480LE10063480GB
iR2023Seagate2.5" SSD ZA960NM10001960GB
iR2023Samsung2.5" SSD MZ-76E250BW250GB
iR2023Samsung2.5" SSD MZ-76E500BW 500GB
iR2023Samsung2.5" SSD MZ-76E1T0BW 1TB
iR2023Samsung2.5" SSD MZ-76E2T0BW2TB
iR2023Samsung2.5" SSD MZ-76E4T0BW4TB
iR2023EmBestor2.5" SSD EC3S2T-512GCJDYM44512GB
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