iR2975T: One-Touch RAID 1 Mastery – Secure, Swift, and Simple Data Protection


The RAIDON iR2975T introduces a groundbreaking solution to common SSD reliability issues in RAID 1 configurations. With its one-touch RAID 1 backup feature, the device transforms how SSDs manage read/write cycles, effectively addressing their typical vulnerabilities. The simple press of a button allows for instant data mirroring between SSDs, offering unparalleled defense against the wear and tear of regular read/write activities that can affect SSD durability. Designed with precision to fit the standard 3.5-inch hard drive slots, the iR2975T combines a sleek, space-efficient form with a sturdy metal construction. Choose the RAIDON iR2975T for innovative backup simplicity, solid build quality, and comprehensive data security.


Key Features


1. One-Touch RAID 1 Backup for SSD Drives:
Optimized for RAID 1 SSDs and featuring a simplified one-touch backup, this solution is tailor-made for enhancing SSD performance and reliability while enabling instant data mirroring between SSDs with just the push of a button—a standout for convenience and efficiency.


2. SSD Mastery: Fast Data Duplication, Quick Recovery, & Speedy SATA 6G:
Boasting reliable data duplication with robust SSD mirroring, a rapid recovery solution for swift data restoration, and a high-speed SATA 6G interfaces, this device elevates data security, minimizes downtime, and ensures peak data transfer speeds for smoother, faster handling of intensive data tasks.


iR2975T Combines a RAIDON STATUSGUARD GUI with SMART technology for meticulous drive health and performance tracking.


4. Immediate Alert System: 
Proactive alarms and LED indicators for overheating and RAID issues, ensuring timely preventive measures.


5. Ease of Maintenance: 
iR2975T Features hot-swappable and plug-and-play capabilities for straightforward drive management.


6. Seamless Internal Integration: 
The iR2975T, a perfect fit for 3.5-inch hard drive or floppy bay spaces, offers flawless integration into your system's interior.


7. Durable and Compact: Space-Efficient Design Meets Robust Construction:
Ingeniously crafted to occupy minimal space without compromising on functionality, this device boasts a robust metal construction, ensuring durability and readiness to face the digital future's challenges.


8. Efficient Cooling without Fans:
Utilizes a fan-less design for silent, effective heat dissipation, ensuring drives remain cool.


9. Secure Metal Drive Tray: 
iR2975T Enhances security with a KeyLock system to prevent unauthorized access.


10. Trusted Brand Excellence:
Becoming part of the RAIDON family signifies a commitment to excellence, where you're not just purchasing a product but investing in reliability and innovation.



Using the iR2975T offers a range of benefits tailored to enhance data storage and security while ensuring ease of use and efficiency. Here are some key advantages:


1. Enhanced Data Security: 
The iR2975T enhances data protection with its RAID 1 mirroring, activated through the one-touch backup function. This distinctive feature safeguards against data loss and RAID 1 malfunctions, ensuring your data remains secure.


2. Reliability and Durability: 
The robust metal construction and the device's design for durability make it a reliable choice for long-term use, resistant to physical damage and wear.


3. SSD Mastery: The iR2975T provides fast data duplication, quick recovery, and supports high-speed SATA 6G interfaces, thereby improving data security, reducing downtime, and ensuring smooth handling of data-intensive tasks.


4. Quick Data Recovery:
In the event of data loss or drive failure, the system's rapid recovery capabilities enable swift restoration of your data, reducing downtime significantly.


5. High-Speed Data Transfers:
With SATA 6G support, the iR2975T facilitates high-speed data transfer rates, making it ideal for data-intensive tasks and improving overall workflow efficiency.


6. Compact Design:
Its space-saving design allows it to fit easily into existing setups without requiring additional space, perfect for users with limited room or those seeking to maintain a minimalistic workspace.


7. Ease of Maintenance:
Features like hot-swappable and plug-and-play support simplify drive maintenance and upgrades, enhancing user convenience and system manageability.


8. Improved System Performance: 
By optimizing SSD usage through RAID 1, the device can potentially extend the lifespan of your SSDs by balancing the wear evenly, besides offering improved read performance.


9. Versatile Compatibility: 
The ability to integrate seamlessly with various systems and support for different RAID configurations makes it a versatile choice for a wide range of users and applications.


10. Advanced Monitoring and Alerts:
With features like SMART monitoring and LED indicator safety alerts, users can stay informed about their system's health and address potential issues before they escalate.


In summary, the iR2975T is not just a storage device but a comprehensive solution that prioritizes data security, system reliability, and user convenience, making it a valuable addition to any data management setup.


One-Touch RAID 1 Backup


The iR2975T seamlessly fits into 3.5-inch bays, offering a compact yet powerful storage solution optimized for RAID 1 SSD configurations. It enhances data redundancy and protection with its efficient design and real-time mirroring capabilities. Additionally, its One-Touch RAID 1 Backup simplifies data protection, allowing for instant backups with a single touch, merging high performance with unparalleled ease of use and speed in safeguarding critical data.


Swift Data Recovery


The iR2975T stands as a fortress against data vulnerabilities, crafted to deliver fast and efficient data recovery through its RAID 1 setup, ensuring minimal downtime in the event of data loss or corruption. It goes beyond simple restoration to safeguard business continuity, keeping operations running smoothly and maintaining productivity despite data setbacks. The iR2975T doesn't just offer data resilience as a feature—it guarantees it as a steadfast commitment.




The RAIDON "STATUSGUARD" GUI monitoring tool offers live tracking of RAID module and hard drive conditions, simplifying the process for users to evaluate system performance. It also features a LOG function, giving users the ability to examine past system activities for in-depth analysis and diagnostic needs.

Hot-swappable and Plug-and-play


The iR2975T is equipped with hot-swappable and plug-and-play features, making it an efficient RAID 1 storage option that seamlessly integrates the one-touch backup function. Activating this feature is straightforward: remove the target backup drive, insert it back into the iR2975T, and press the one-touch backup button. This action, thanks to RAIDON's plug-and-play design, causes no downtime; ensuring maintenance is hassle-free. It simplifies the installation and configuration of new drives, eliminating complex setup procedures. The iR2975T's hot-swappable and plug-and-play functionalities enhance convenience and flexibility, making upgrading or replacing drives a streamlined and straightforward process.


Metal Drive Tray with KeyLock


Keep your valuable data safe with the Metal Drive Tray featuring KeyLock protection. This robust tray is designed to securely hold your hard drives or SSDs and is compatible with other RAIDON products. The KeyLock feature allows you to lock the tray with a key, preventing unauthorized access. Enhance your storage system and enjoy peace of mind with this essential accessory.


LED indicator


The iR2975T is equipped with LED indicators that provide a visual representation of drive status. These LED indicators allow users to easily monitor the activity and health of their drives at a glance. Whether it's indicating drive activity, data transfer, or alerting about potential issues, the LED indicators offer a convenient way to track the status of your drives. With the iR2975T, you can stay informed and quickly identify any drive-related issues, ensuring efficient operation and timely maintenance. 


Proactive Safety Alerts


The iR2975T is equipped with sophisticated alarm systems, serving as an early warning mechanism against potential threats. When RAID anomalies, these alerts ensure users can act swiftly, minimizing risks and ensuring optimal drive health.


Full Metal Construction Design


The Full Metal Construction Design is a robust and durable feature that ensures exceptional protection for your storage device. With its solid metal construction, this design provides enhanced durability and heat dissipation, preventing overheating and maintaining optimal performance. Upgrade to the Full Metal Construction Design for reliable and long-lasting storage for both personal and professional use.


Fan-Less cooling


The iR2975T features an innovative fan-less cooling system, bringing multiple benefits. It runs quietly, reducing noise in its surroundings. This fan-less approach also removes the possibility of fan-related malfunctions, maintaining steady and dependable cooling. Without fans, the unit not only consumes less power but also demands less upkeep. Consequently, the iR2975T ensures effective thermal management for peak performance, enhanced dependability, and a silent operation.

Trusted Brand Excellence


RAIDON stands as a beacon of reliability and innovation in storage solutions. With the iR2975T, users are not merely purchasing a product; they're securing peace of mind that comes with the brand's esteemed reputation.


Applications for Industrial PC and AI PC


The iR2975T could serve as a valuable component in various Industrial PC (IPC), AI server, and AI-enabled PC applications, where reliability, data integrity, and system stability are crucial. Here are some potential applications:



1. Industrial Automation Systems: IPCs that control manufacturing processes could use the iR2975T for dependable data logging and fault-tolerant storage, ensuring that critical production data is mirrored and secure.



2. Healthcare Data Management: In healthcare settings, AI servers require high data integrity for patient records. The iR2975T’s RAID 1 capabilities ensure that such sensitive information is protected against drive failures.



3. Financial Services: Financial institutions might use the iR2975T within their transaction processing systems where real-time data mirroring is essential for maintaining financial records and protecting against data corruption.



4. Surveillance Systems: For surveillance IPCs that require continuous data writing, the iR2975T can offer redundancy to prevent data loss, a critical factor when every bit of footage might be important.



5. Edge Computing: In AI edge devices that process data locally, the iR2975T’s robust and compact form factor can ensure data redundancy in challenging environments.



6. AI Research: AI PCs and servers used for complex simulations and data analysis can benefit from the iR2975T’s quick data recovery features to protect experimental data.



7. Content Creation and Media Servers: The iR2975T can be used in media servers for redundant storage of large video files, ensuring creators have backups of their work.



8. Transportation and Logistics: IPCs in transportation systems that manage and store logistics data can use the iR2975T for data mirroring to prevent disruptions due to data loss.



9. AI-Driven Analytics Platforms: For AI PCs analyzing large datasets, the iR2975T can provide a secure backup solution that doesn't interrupt the continuous flow of data processing.



10. Retail and Point of Sale (POS) Systems: IPCs in retail environments would benefit from the iR2975T’s reliable backup to ensure transaction data is never lost.



11. Smart City Infrastructure: AI servers managing smart city data, from traffic control to utilities management, could rely on the iR2975T for safeguarding critical operational data.


In all these applications, the iR2975T’s hot-swappable and plug-and-play features would ensure minimal downtime during maintenance or upgrades, which is particularly valuable in industries where every second of system availability counts.


Performance test result for reference. The test result will vary depend on the test environment.

Product View


Model no. iR2975T
RAID Chip ASMedia 1092R
Interface SATA III (6 Gbps)
Support Hard Drive 2 × 2.5” SATA III 6.0Gb/s HDD/SSD (9.5mm)
RAID Level One-Touch RAID 1 Backup
Power Supply SATA 15pin (12v/5v)
LED Indicators Yes
Operating System Windows, Linux
Function Control 
GUI (Windows Only)
Certification CE & FCC
Dimension 102(W)×26(H)×147(L) mm
Operating temperature 32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C)
Storage temperature -4° to 116° F (-20° to 47° C)
Relative humidity 5% to 95% noncondensing
Packing Content *iR2975T
Quick Installation Guide,
Accessory Kit


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